“Our job is simpler, to intervene minimally in the vineyard.”

1989, the impossible journey of Enrique Mendoza

He himself draws the silhouette of a wine glass in the sand of the Mediterranean Sea. The wine is an Enrique Mendoza.

Innovative, revolutionary, he will arrive to continue writing the history of Alicante wine, dominating all kinds of varieties and conquering the whole world.

Enrique Mendoza opted in the beginning for foreign varieties, but his roots in the territory have made a stop at the native Monastrell variety.

In Alicante it was the Iberians who began to cultivate the vine. Currently our work is simpler, to intervene in the vineyard in a minimal way so that it lives other centuries more.

The vineyards are part of the environment and the landscape that surrounds us. At Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, our challenge is to make wines in such a way that you can recognize our sun, our light, our Mediterranean character and our humanity. With the right attitude, experience, and gear, this trip is turning out to be more engaging than it seemed.

EM Viñedos
EM Viñedos

Finca Chaconero

Finca El Chaconero or “The Lands of the January Ponds”. The first documents that refer to the cultivation on our state date from the 16th century.

They say that it rained so much between the months of September and October that our lands remained flooded until January, hence its name “Las Tierras del Charco de Enero”.

The Finca El Chaconero is located in the district of Las Virtudes, next to the Virgen de las Virtudes Sanctuary, west of Villena; called by the oldest of the place “Las Quebradas” due to its edaphology, the subsoil strata are not horizontal but oblique, with what the result is a large number of small plots with totally different soils. In the same farm we can find gravel, sandy-silty and totally sandy soils.

The Finca El Chaconero is considered a ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds – SPAB) due to its environmental importance, it is a protected area included in the Natura 2000 Network of the European Union.

At 2 km we find the Lagunas de Villena, a Protected Natural Area that allows the observation of different species throughout the year such as the Chortilejos chicos, Cigüeñuelas, Buitrones, Alcaudones Reales, Terreñas marismeñas, Collalbas rubias or Abejarucos.

“My life has not changed since I met Finca El Chaconero, but I think my attitude has”

Enrique Mendoza

Obsession for excellence

We do not understand excellence as something of superior quality but as the respectful treatment that is given to people, the landscape and its territory.

And respect is what we offer to our vineyards, to our environment and to all the people who are making it possible for us to be a small part of this excellence today.

“People and vineyards, essence of the Mediterranean landscape”
Bodegas E Mendoza

Grandes Pagos de España

Enrique Mendoza is a member of Grandes Pagos de España, a non-profit association that brings together more than 30 prestigious wineries from all over the national territory with a common maxim: to produce excellent wines in harmony with the soil, nature and climate of each vineyard.

his entity represents values such as the uniqueness of the terroir as a fundamental expression of the wines, the joint work between the various wineries and the search for excellence.

We believe in the production of wines with great personality, that express in each bottle the best of each territory and in the vineyard perfectly integrated into the ecosystem.

We share with other member wineries our research, good practices and experiences, betting on a more modern wine sector.

“The terroir is the soul of our wines. The personality and authenticity of unique places are present in each of our bottles”.

The Mendoza’s Club host people who are highlighted for their values and life style.

Get a 10% of discount in all of our wines, and moreover, a 5% of discount in the Wine Tours which are booked online.