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EM Young Chardonnay 2022

EM Young Chardonnay 2022

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From our vineyards located in the Cabezo de la Virgen de Villena.



  • Landscape Wine: It is a selection of vineyards within a certain landscape which helps us to express the best of it. Its unique character. The landscape is the main character, with its vines, its soils, and its history.C
  • Variety: 100% Chardonnay from our vineyards on the slopes of “Cabezo de la Virgen” in Villena.

  • Vinification: The grapes were macerated for 3 hours and then fermented at a low temperature (15ºC). The wine was left in contact with the yeast and its lees until the moment of bottling. Contains Sulphites. Alcoholic Grade: 13,5% Vol.
  • Certification: European certificated V-Level wine by the Spanish Vegetarian Union as a VEGAN wine. In the process of this wine, no materials of animal origin or derivatives thereof have been used.


EM Chardonnay Joven
EM Chardonnay Joven


The wine has a straw yellow colour with beautiful green and lemony memories.

In the olfactory phase the spring appears. Memories of freshly cut hay, green apples, freshly mown lawn, dried fruits such as hazelnuts, ripe tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapple and light aromas of bread crust and pastry appears.

In the mouth it has a beautiful volume, with a beautiful balance with great freshness.

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Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 8.24 × 8.24 × 29.6 cm


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